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PlaceWhisper lets you create your own location based interactions with the world, allowing you to leave located text, images, and audio for others to find, and enabling you to discover ones other people have created.

Have you ever wanted to create a guide to your city that people can follow with their phones as they walk around? Have you ever wanted to create a virtual treasure hunt game around your local park? Have you ever wanted to annotate the local area so people can understand the history of where they are right now?

PlaceWhisper lets you do all these things, and much more.

Using PlaceWhisper, you create Whispers, little virtual information containers that can only be accessed by people stood in the right place. Inside each whisper you can put some text, pictures, or sound, or any combination of the three. Once created other people with the PlaceWhisper app can discover those Whispers when in the same area. It's really very easy to do - so anyone can create their own personal location based thing.

More advanced users can even start chaining Whispers together to form trails, letting you guide people around an area, or creating your own treasure hunt style game.

Once you've created your Whispers, share them with your friends, embed a map of them in your website, or simply let serendipity do the work and let people with PlaceWhisper on their phone stumble across them.

The notion of located information opens up a world of possibilities, and with PlaceWhisper you can go out turn your location ideas into reality.